Due to ongoing problems with the open source Transmission, Tribler has been installed to handle torrent downloads.

Tribler is also open source which means no worries about the security. uTorrent was removed a long time ago due to adware and worse. Security tools are now flagging uTorrent for potentially unwanted applications etc.

Tribler is available as 64-bit so it fits in better for memory management. Transmission is also available for 64-bit.

Tribler has intrinsic VPN eliminating the need for a questionable service. The VPN makes Tribler more resistant to trolls and blocking etc.

The chess site downloads are brutal and represent the largest download page on the internet. Torrents are superior to the original FTP distribution offering robust error correction etc. The original distribution had to be chopped up to cope with the shortcomings of FTP.

Available room on the server disks afford distributing game patches and Linux disks etc.

Once more CPUs are procured and another M.2 SSD is procured, an old desktop motherboard is intended to be put to work. Modern 8TB disks can handle a wide range of content.