Microsoft 2 Step is so aggressive that any attempt to disable it is impossible. Any and all account services are blocked. This is how abusive the situation is. Signing on is blocked, so there is no way to disable 2 step.

This is the reason why is now used which does not force 2-step down anyone’s throat.

The abuses from MSFT and their representatives is so bad that it seems that any plea for assistance is now ignored. This causes irreparable harm and it seems that the inevitable litigation will be forced.

Access to software license keys are blocked by the 2-step nonsense which causes lost income and opportunity. That carries a maximum of life under law in Canada. Mischief concerning data is a various serious crime.

Given the loss of the domain for the site, it appears that I will be using WordPress for quite a while to come. Azure stunts have been costly and the 2 step nonsense is even more costly. Steam uses 2 step and it failed.

Attempts to recover the problem, evidently impossible. All this is doing for me is causing more harm and leaving me beggard.