Low cost Wifi cards with the Intel 9260NGW are widely available. Several models are available and usually they come with a pair of brackets and antennas to handle various needs. MSRP $22.99 shipped.

The Intel 9260 supports Wave 2 802.11ac with up to 1733 megabit data rates. The 9260 also supports Bluetooth 5 which supports game controllers and headsets easily.

5.0 GHz provides faster data rates over shorter distances. 2.4GHz can cover more distance, but it may be slower. Better antennas are commonly available for better signal propagation. The metal in a PC is not at all transparent to RF signals.

The red heatsink is helpful to keep the 9260 from getting overheated when there is heavy use of the adapter.

There is a USB header that is needed to connect the card for Bluetooth support.