It seems that at the end of every quarter, I have to go through the items purchased from eBay and see what was not delivered. I advise using a database or a spreadsheet to track items.

For the most part items surface fast, sometimes they are slow. China Post has a SpeedPak service which costs more but its airmail so it is delivered in usually a week or so. Low cost items like SATA cables and fan extensions etc are not worth the expense of airmail unless 100x units or more are purchased.

A low cost USB controller for Xbox was dysfunctional. The device ID was improper and even with manual driver override it still would not work. A genuine Microsoft controller however does work with the Xbox 360 controller as expected. Usually knock off unlabeled hardware is fully compatible but this model was borked.

A PS4 wireless controller and charging stand both are MIA. Both were bought from at the same time. The goal was to have a PS4 controller to complement the existing Xbox 360 controller. A refund was requested for both items.

Also missing are some SATA cables. An earlier lot from the vendor for 5 cables arrived fairly quickly but an order for an additional 4 cables has been MIA. I mentioned the problem and the vendor offered to refund but I suggested waiting a while longer due to the slow time of the year for mail delivery.

A Lorel desk was cancelled as the shipper would not deliver to Vancouver Island so I was immediately refunded. A LGA motherboard was cancelled before the auction closed before I was required to buy it.

Everything else from eBay surfaced fine ranging from the Sapphire RX 480 to a some kitchen equipment.