Corel Painter and Photopaint are set to pester users for new version daily. This can be a nuisance and many have sought solutions.

Corel should be criticised as this makes the product as bad as malicious adware. The adware even goes as far as to set cookies for advertisers. The really stupid part is that I already have the current versions.


Thank you for contacting Corel Technical Support.

Please try the following steps, to attempt to prevent the messaging pop ups from appearing:

  1. Open up a run prompt by holding down the windows key on your keyboard + the letter “r” 
  2. Type Taskschd.msc and press ok. 
  3. Once the Task Scheduler app appears highlight the Task Scheduler Library Folder towards the top left. 
  4. The box on the right will show you what programs have scheduled tasks. 
  5. Locate the Corel tasks, there should be two of them and right click on it. 
  6. Choose delete
  7. Close the window. 
  8. Restart the computer

Regards, Austin, Corel Technical Support Services

Also look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel\ and delete the CUH folder.


Under section 184 illegal surveillance is a violation punishable by indictment. Adware like this is a clear example of a violation.