This year the PS/4 and Xbox One sales fell as consumers prepare towards next year when the new and improved models hit the market.

The 4K UHD television market has grown rapidly as prices continue to fall rapidly. 50″ televisions have fallen well below $400 recently and larger 55″ televisions are also falling in price fast. Even 60″ and 65″ televisions have seen massive price declines.

Competition in the 50″ and 55″ televisions is very intense and this has motivated both Sony and Microsoft to support 4K UHD properly with the next iteration of console.

The Xbox Series X and PS/5 will both be designed for 4K televisions. BY the time the consoles reach the market, the prices for 4K televisions will be close to rock bottom.

The move to 4K had caught the television and film producers by surprise. Nobody saw 4K prices fall so rapidly. At present cable TV is still 1080i and BD discs are 1080p.

Now some BD disks are offering 2160p but only the most recent films are shot on Red cameras. Before Red, 35mm film was still being used which tops out at 1920×1080 before the grains become too apparent. Consumers are wary as many television shows on BD offer only mediocre picture quality. Many old television shows are available only on DVD primarily as the old film stock is unsuitable for FullHD let along 4K.

Perhaps in 2021 the supply of UHD content for consumers will be better but until then most will have to be content with existing DVD and BD disks.

Mobile phones can shoot 4K UHD video and this market is likely to be the main driver until more UHD disks come to store shelves.

Red recently introduced a new 8K camera which will allow for new content to be available over time. Mobile phone cameras are likely to move to 8K fairly soon.