Finally made it to 12th overall on the AMD forum for solving problems. This out of some 108,000 registered users.

The current rig uses an Sapphire RX 480 which has been a problem on the X570 from the start.

Microsoft has no idea what they lost when they allowed a moderator to abuse my contributions. Now Microsoft has no support from me at all all thanks to a moron who could not stand that a vegan is markedly better.

AMD on the other hand likes my help and they do not worry about my contributions much. My goal is to simply help a fellow AMD user.

AMD hardware is strong but drivers and motherboard BIOS problems have been a nuisance.

Moving higher on the list may be successful in 2020 but there are some highly skilled rivals. At the end of the day the demonstrated ability is all that matters.

Many days I gain more points than most rivals combined. This is only due to my extraordinary skills which AMD recognizes as exemplary.