Kaspersky in their blog that malware was found in some illegal streaming services. Streaming video tends to be very poor quality which should be enough to keep most away. Malicious sites are plentiful as I have reported several times here in 2019 along. Brutal amounts of phishing is also becoming a plague.

Even a DVD has better picture quality than most streaming services. The streaming is very bandwidth limited while optical disks have dramatically more. DVD is up to 9.8 megabit while BD is up to 54 megabit and UHD is up to 74 megabits. New dual-layer UHDBR discs (66GB capacity) will support a max bitrate of 108Mbps, while triple-layer discs (100GB) will allow for up to 128Mbps. 

BD discs of movies usually surface in stores very shortly after a movie has finished its theatrical run. BD drives are not expensive and ones with bundled OEM PowerDVD software are ideal for Windows 10.

BD drives for televisions tend to be more costly than the PC drive as they have to have more resources such as a faster CPU, more memory and HDMI costs etc. 4K UHD BD decks tend to be very costly.

The Xbox can play CD/DVD and BD media. The Xbox One X is needed for UHD BD support.

A large media rack is a good idea for BD movies and models that can hold 800+ movies are popular. Drawer units are another route. There is also the big plastic bins that Home Depot offer. The new 4K UHD BD disks use the same case as the standard BD so existing media racks are fine.