In the last month at Google (Alphabet) following the departure of founders Larry Page and President Sergey Brin, the company has seen large numbers of people leave as well.

The brain drain is rather severe as even some senior staff are abandoning the company. The main complaint has been a lack of transparency.

The current management team is more focused on adding more staff. At the same time weaker employees who are not as effective are retained mostly as the management is looking longer term to grow the company. The company now has some 100,000 staff and its not clear if they want to increase this or not.

The problem is that the cloud business is not doing so well and rivals are gaining market share. Advertising is struggling due to rampant ad blocking which has hurt many in addition to Google.

The company canceled Project Dragonfly (censored search for China) after employees expressed concern over the secrecy of the project. Some workers left the company altogether. The feeling was that the company crossed the line. Google is built on trust and many felt betrayed.