EA uses an anti-cheat system called FairFight. This is intended to get rid of players who have been known to use every stunt in the book to get an advantage. FairFight is server based so there is no way to get past the security.

The latest insult comes from Electronic Arts, which appears to have issued a few permanent bans to online Battlefield V players attempting to play the game on Linux systems.

System requirements for Battlefield V is 64-bit Windows 7 or above. But those committed to Linux can get around that by using Lutris, a Linux gaming client. This seems to be were the problems are being found.

A post on Reddit seems to be gaining some commentary. On Twitter there was a gripe from the Lutris group.

Linux is fine for corporate data centers but gaming is focused on Windows. Windows has been the gamers choice for a long time and that is not going to change.

Here are the studio Windows 10 x64 Professional is the operating system of choice. This is the mainstream choice.


Bungie has also been banning Linux users as well. Both use server based protections against miscreants.