Of the swarm of laptops at CES 2020, the main objection with laptops is the ongoing use of low quality displays. Few had 1920×1080 but most were not even there. 1366×768 displays are still being offered.

The focus at CES was more for AMD CPUs of late than Intel’s laptops which were also out in full force. Gaming laptops with discrete graphics were in full display. Lenovo had some thin machines.

The old 12″ Apple MacBook Retina in the studio has a 2304×1440 resolution panel that is easy to work on. So when machines 5 years on have less than this I have to question what good with the machine as opposed to the MacBook I have now.

The MacBook is also thinner than most modern machines. For those who need easily mobilized machines, the MacBook is a tough act to follow.

The CPU, RAM, SSD and LCD add to the bill of materials but low cost LCD is a major barrier to be buying a new machine. This is why this post is presented, the low quality LCD is a big red flag.