To help the most elite gamers in the world take advantage of the incredible frame rates available from today’s highest-end gaming PCs, NVIDIA and ROG are developing the world’s first 360Hz esports display technology, which is being previewed at CES 2020.

The first monitor to use this technology is called the ROG Swift 360Hz, and its unparalleled refresh rate is right there in the name. The monitor is 24.5″ standard which is typical for desktop panels.

While the industry has focused on faster refresh rates, the problem is that the human eye cannot easily perceive that.

Here at the studio the 27″ LG 3840×2160 panel can deliver gaming performance easily. While 60 Ghz the panel is IPS based which is not well suited for faster refresh rates above 90 Hz due to the slower response .

nVidia has been pushing high refresh technology for the RTX 2000 series video cards. This is largely driven by the limitations in HDMI and DisplayPort to bump up screen resolutions.