After so many headaches with the MSI X570-A PRO, the older MSI X470 Gaming Plus has been returned to service.


Immediately the RX 480 works properly. I was unable to install drivers on the X570. The GTX 1060 would work but it is not nearly as powerful as the RX 480.

Now I am stuck with a borked motherboard that could not even handle integrated graphics. Maybe a different CPU will offer some redemption but that is doubtful.

The X470 has three x16 slots so it can handle more graphics cards if desired. The desire for a disk controller is more desirable.

The second x16 slot is disabled as the R5 2400G does not have enough lanes to satisfactorily run dual cards. Dual cards are fine for DX9 through DX11 games but DX12 changed the model to be explicit multiple graphics cards.

The SSD works properly on the X470 but the X570 only gave one lane robbing it of 75% of the bandwidth.


There were a lot of problems with the sound in several games with the MSI X570-A PRO. Problems continue with the X470 Gaming Plus. The audio cuts out after entering a game menu say in Halo: MCC or Alien Swarm etc.

More work on this problem is needed. I have brought this problem to Microsoft’s attention and they have my demonstrated evidence.


Problems with the audio have been a nuisance. Bluetooth with a USB radio seems to be the only solution at the moment.


The S.Skill Flare X works but the RAM only achieves DDR4-1866. Even with the XMP-1 enabled the memory is DDR4-1866 and XMP-2 forced a BIOS reset. Overvolting the memory does not help. The limited capacity of the BIOS ROM is a problem.

This suggests that the X470 Gaming Plus is only a cheaper 4 layer motherboard rather than a 6 layer design. The 6-layer boards can support faster memory due to the better ground plane etc.


After installing the remaining components and tweaking the setup the MSI Live Update found a new BIOS. So after downloading that and installing it, the BIOS is reset and again I have to enable the fans etc.