Hunter’s Arena: Legends is an upcoming MMORPG & Battle Royale game.

The game is still under active development and the studio will be beta testing the game to help the developer get the bugs out fast so it can be generally released without too many problems.

The action in the game is much better than many recently. The action is straight forward but hard to master.

The game offers several terrain and color schemes which makes for a richer game world. Players can use long-range, mid-range and support class characters with special abilities and create unique strategies.

Your final goal in Hunter’s Arena is to be the last man standing. Based on your preference, you can choose to cooperate with others and hunt down boss monsters or betray and annihilate everyone to become the only survivor.

The game is comparatively demanding so a modern machine will be needed. Playtesting the game loaded the RX 480 rather heavily.

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