The AMD R5 3600 CPU has arrived and it is now installed on the MSI X570-A PRO.

Some issues with the RAM were fixed when the RAM was reinstall one stick at a time to get the BIOS to reset properly. Now the RAM runs at the native DDR4-3200 which is what the RAM was purchased for. AMD supports JEDEC speeds which top out at DDR4-3200 so anything faster will not be as efficient.

It will take some time to assemble the parts now that the machine is operational. The RX 480 drivers are already installed so when Windows enumerated the hardware the card was recognized fine.

The MSI X470 Gaming Plus can retain the R5 2400G and the integrated graphics are adequate for installing an operating system. There is room for 4 hard disks in the SPEC-01 chassis which is where the X470 is now installed.

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