R5 3600 ON THE X470

The MSI X470 Gaming Plus is likely to be in use for quite some time. The domestic protestors have shut down the rail so postal services are impacted.

Parking my R5 3600 on that board was good, bad and ugly:

  • The good, RAM at DDR4-3200.
  • The bad the RX 480 8GB is not recognized properly in the BIOS.
  • The ugly, windows will not install or boot with UEFI enabled.

Testing Windows in CSM mode works but enabling the UEFI causes it to fail to start. Installing Windows clean will fail in UEFI. So much for compatibility.


Unlike the X570-A PRO, there has been no new BIOS updates for the X470 Gaming Plus.

Previously with the R5 2400G on the X470, the performance was good but the CPU was being saturated by Denuvo which motivated changes.

Installing Windows on the Intel 660p SSD is very quick. For $1300, Intel has the Optane 905 960GB which is faster but the studio is far from rich enough for that class of hardware.

Play testing Halo showed the hardware was fine for multiplayer. Playing a round 4v4 was fairly good frame rates.

3DMARK results were pathetic.


The 4-port SATA card is NVMe compliant with a backwards compatible BIOS to allow it to be a boot controller. Installing Windows works fine the card. In UEFI mode the card’s BIOS is not displayed.

The Firewire card is natively supported with drivers in Windows 10. The Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card is also natively supported.


In the CSM mode the BIOS time is a slow 38 seconds as opposed to the 18 seconds in UEFI with the R5 2400G. Clearly there are a lot of issues with the BIOS to contend with.

The 32GB of memory overcomes the slow BIOS boot times. Windows does not need a swap file with more available memory. The swap file remains present for legacy reasons.


The old MSI B350M Bazooka has not been in use for some time. There have been numerous BIOS updates for this motherboard. This motherboard has VGA in addition to DVI and HDMI.

The MSI B350M Bazooka has been installed in the SPEC-01 until the X470 and X570 motherboards were procured. The HAF 932 was eventually brought back into service after the AX860i failure and some other problems.