Been playing the development version of Halo: Combat Evolved, Steam ed. The beta is not open to the public as experienced testers are needed to identify exact locations of bugs as well as specific issues.

The first 2 chapters are not available yet so the action continues at the Pillar of Autumn which the player fights his way onto the Covenant ship. This is fine until a glitch stops game cold. There is no handler for the Press E.

Moving into the next chapter, The Silent Cartographer the play seems be close to the original. Some blocked access makes it tricky but having played the original many times made it clear where I could jump over obstacles.

Assault on the Control Room and the Guilty Spark are the last 2 chapters as the rest are not yet available.

In short, the game is closer to becoming ready for release but clearly there is at least several hundred man hours left just to finish the bugs let along the work needed to get the first two chapters ready. The final chapters are also not ready which may add more man hours to get the game publishable.

The audio problems are still present for Bluetooth sound systems.