In the media, it has been widely reported that some 128 staff at Intel are being laid off. The job loses are coming from HQ as Intel as chosen to focus on other aspects of business as it tries to recover from a lot of technical problems.

Intel has been slow to modernize the production of processors while competitors are grabbing market share. Intel probably is better off however as no serious concerns with Rico violations are evident.

Intel has even seen AMD move into servers and mobile which have largely been dominated by Intel. AMD has good hardware that makes it even harder to compete.

So Intel has to focus to at least maintain some market share. TSMC has been spending close to $7 billion a year on new production hardware. Intel has probably spent more with little to show for it.

Intel has been slow to try UEV steppers from ASML which are now widely used. These new steppers are expensive but they do the job.

Samsung has been cranking out vast amounts of memory. Their so called b-die RAM which is what is in use on the rig right now is very popular as it is fast and very stable.