The 256GB iPad Pro 12.9 arrived at last. Immediately the Apple 96W charger was employed to bring the tablet up to full power quickly. I do not know how much power the iPad can use but the 96W charger can cover it. The iPad charged up rapidly which make it possible to employ the tablet for work. Once it is fully charged, it is far easier to setup.

The iPad Pro 12.9 is the best model. The smaller iPads are not as well provisioned with RAM and they tend to have less maximum storage. With 256GB there is no real problem with vast numbers of apps installed.

The iPad Pro 12.9 has a multi touch fingerprint sensor which makes it more secure. The PIN is a secondary security feature. iPad security is as robust as the iPhone.

Copying some music to the iPad was slow primarily as the Ipad is not any faster than any iPhone I have owned. Apple Lossless format songs are larger so it takes more time per song to copy. The primary iPad is the ide of PDF and EPUB reading material. The screen is as large as a standard sheet so the readability is excellent.