On Twitter somebody posted a screenshot showing a new Radeon card.

A card with 80 CU on it would be ideal for the LG 4K panel. The incumbent RX 480 has 36 CU and it works hard to play games.

  • 5120 shaders
  • 80 CU
  • 320 TMU
  • 96 ROPs
  • 12MB l2 cache
  • 24GB HBM2e memory

The team red machine now has 32GB of memory and which adequate, the amount of VRAM on the new Radeon card is impressive. Realistically for gaming, 16GB of GDDR6 would be adequate.

SK Hynix showed a 4 gigabit per second (Gb/s) HBM2e stack last week at ISSCC, which would align with the leaked specifications. That doesn’t mean this leak is real or accurate, but it is certainly interesting.

With GDDR6 the putative card would be expensive but not outlandish. The HBM2e is very expensive for a gaming oriented product.


SK Hynix has denied the existence of anything. All this means is that anything that surfaces will be slow to sell if it cost more than a paycheck.

SK Hynix does make the HBM memory used by AMD but that is all they do. The speculation for the video card has continued but TSMC has taped out some new logic for AMD.

While many at the GDC have fled, there is still expectation for some comments for AMD, nVidia and Intel for graphics leading into the fall. The main motivation is the new generation consoles are now closer to being delivered to stores. The problems in China with coronavirus may cause some problems but things are slowly returning to normal.


Here at the studio gaming with a 4K panel is brutal on the existing RX 480.