An attempt to get a Futon style couch for the studio from Wayfair in Canada has been a joke. The store claims to take PayPal but it is borked and due to break-ins with databases all over I am loath to use a credit card out of fear.

Given that the WayFair store is borked is no surprise. Here at the studio digital commerce is a standard technology. PayPal has a complete solution for easy implementation and it can work with any environment. Square has also added commerce for websites but they are still not quite as powerful as PayPal. The roll your own solution is also another route.

I remember only too well the stunts from Azure and the Microsoft Store which cause such a mess. For this and other reasons I am very suspicious.

The futon couch has the advantage of becoming a bed which can be helpful for late night use at the studio.

Some studios are rather spartan and the futon type couch adds more seating when several persons are present for a meeting. It is more comfortable as compared to some stacking chairs that are more widely used.

So Wayfair has a sale mired in stupidity. Not the best solution I have seen. The cart has been emptied and the vendor has lost a customer.