AMD has released some slides outlining the upcoming hardware for 2020 and beyond. Today AMD held a financial analyst day where they show some new materials given GDC was cancelled recently.

AMD has already developed some chiplet designs with the Ryzen 3000 series processors. AMD is looking towards using more of this type of design which can lead to better performance.

Both the R5 2400G and R5 3600 are 65W processors. The R5 3600 is made on the contemporary 7nm line and with 32MB of L3 cache it runs Windows 10 very well.

The upcoming RDNA2 graphics cards should provide some big gains in game performance. The increased number of compute units would be helpful with UHD panels.

AMD fanboys will no doubt be very happy when the hardware ray tracing becomes available. Hardware support for the DX12 DXR would benefit from standardized support in Windows 10 which game developers can all work together on. Many dislike proprietary solutions.

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