It seems that the developer account I used to have with Azure is now perpetually lost. Discussing the issue, I basic told Azure it’s now beyond repair.

Bleeding my funds dry caused me to be without food for several months. Any deposits were absorbed by the bank as I was overdrawn by over $5000. All due to being blindsided by Azure.

Lost my domain too, so my site is borked until I use a hosts file to trick a web server. That means a lot of hard work with Linux.

I am not even sure if this wordpress hatchet job can be merged into the old site or not. Being cynical, it probably will be more hard work. Earnings last year, make that a loss.

Cybersquatters want more than I can afford to recover a trademark asset, so I guess the offences need to come to court.

Ad blocking has been brutal. My logs are showing more than 60% are now using an ad blocker. With nothing left, I do not even embed ads anymore. Negligible organic search traffic. To hell with it.