Here in the studio CPU coolers are in abundance. The main reason is that they tend to become filled with dust so swapping them out for a clean one is an annual task.

Cleaning video card fans is another annual task. The reason is simple, a fouled fan is noisy and inefficient.

The Phenom CPU cooler is designed for a 125W thermal load. With Arctic MX-4 I was able to overclock the Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition to over 140W and it was thermally stable.

The Phenom CPU cooler fits socket AM2, AM3 and AM4. This means the coolers can continue to be in service. Most likely when AM5 emerges that the bracket will continue as there are a lot of existing cooling solutions.

The more modern AMD Wraith Prism cooler has more aluminum along with the LED rim. The cooler is sold with the 95W processors and it seems to be able to handle more thermal load. Its an affordable idea to add some RGB to the machine. Elite video cards tend to have their logo illuminated with LED as well.

By using the old style bracket coolers the CPU can be removed easily for an upgrade or for testing etc.

The X470 Gaming Plus is going to be sent back on RMA as there are some serious problems with it. Cannot use UEFI and secure boot etc. I am going to ask MSI to replace it with the Plus version which has a larger BIOS chip. The old board has not seen a BIOS update for over 4 months to fix bugs.

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