MSI called me over the fiasco with UPS. I explained to the representative over the addressing conventions in the local area. I told them about the way the south island is organized.


I told them that UPS had problems elsewhere. I mentioned the call with Apple who’s representative was in Kentucky and also had problems galore. Clearly there are far too many problems with UPS and execution.

I told MSI to use Canada Post who knows the address conventions locally very well. Hopefully the problem is overcome but it is definitely a nuisance.

The MSI X570-A PRO set me back over $215 Canadian including taxes and shipping. The goal with the motherboard was motivated mostly by the larger BIOS storage to cope with growth in the number processors etc.

I had to procure some fan extension cables to be able to connect the HAF 932 fans completely. The X470 Gaming Plus fan header placement is easier to use without the need for extensions.


Fear and panic have shut down retail stores far and wide. Delivery is the only options remaining so if UPS cannot handle it, they could lose a lot of opportunities for growth.