Looking over NewEgg for a low cost SSD for the studio has ran into a minefield of problems. Far too many obsolete SATA based products are in the database which dilutes the filtering abilities based on device characteristics. The result is an excedrin class headache.

Domestically sourced SSD products tend to have $20 shipping while the Chinese sourced ones are free shipping. Shipping costs in China are less costly which gives them an advantage.

The studio needs M.2 2280 PCIe x4 NVMe class SSD products but NewEgg does not filter for NVMe at all. This makes it very hard to find lower cost items as the existing setup is clumsey.

Vaseky has many SATA products with few PCIe models. The company focuses on older machines which may still be using a hard disk. Some of the old Lenovo machines have the older PCI based SATA slots where a SSD can be installed.

Vaseky V800 are the older models while the V900 are the more recent ones. The problem is that V900 models include SATA variants which makes it tricky for shoppers to select the right variant. A simpler solution is to use on series for SATA and one for PCI Express and then shoppers can get what they need.