Found a reversible 64GB USB-A and USB-C flash stick. The cost was low as such a design is not expensive. The unit was $10 Canadian postage paid.

First thing to do obviously is the load up the fakeflash checker to be sure that the device is an honest 64GB. eBay is awash with a lot of fake flash products and it seems that when there is a clean up the crooks come up with different models to trick unwary consumers.

The reversible design is helpful for the MacBook vs the PC. The MacBook only has USB-C so the reversible design makes it more flexible when copying files from machine to machine.

Slowly more and more USB-C products will become available as the adoption of the new standard slowly replaces the old one. The huge installed base of USB-A devices will mean hybrid solutions will be common for decades.

USB-C is still a premium over USB-A but the differential in cost has fallen recently. Now charger units for USB-C are widely available in a range of power capacities. The studio uses an Apple 96W charger which can handle anything needed.

The MSI X570-A PRO has a USB-C port on the rear IO panel. The front panel USB box also offers a USB-C port. This permits a wide range of new peripherals as the future unfolds.