Here at the studio there is one of the hot water pots that are very popular is Asian households. In southern China more than 95% of urban households have one of these. By comparison refrigeration is growing rapidly to over 80% in the last 20 years. Hot water and tea are very widely consumed.

The Aroma hot water station (photo) has been in service for over 10 years and it still works as well as new. New it was US $69.99. Comparable models are still widely available worldwide.

The hot water pot holds 3 liters of water. Once the water is ready the unit can maintain the temperature continually at one of 3 set points. Even running continually, the insulated Aroma hot water pot uses very little power over the long term even with heavy use.

The unit has an automatic pump so it only needs a touch of a button to get hot water on demand. The pump style coffee pots are a nuisance by comparison.

The default 185°F is ideal for coffee. Instant coffee can be ready instantly. A French press is also ready instantly. Tea is also immediate. Instant noodles are very common in Asia.

Oatmeal can also be made with the hot water. Large 50lb bags of oatmeal are available which can reduce food cost dramatically. With boiling water, half cup servings are the easiest to prepare in a serving bowl.

There are several brands of oatmeal and there are regular and steel cut varieties. Rolled oats needs 1 cups of water for each half cup of oats. Steel cut oats need 2 cups of water for each half cup. Cinnamon is perfect with oatmeal, so are apples, raisins, prunes and apricots.

Instant noodles are sold worldwide in ready to use cups. There are a diverse range of flavors available. Japanese miso is a favorite in the studio.

Here at the studio instant coffee is comparatively low cost. Black coffee is harmless, it’s the sugar and other additives that are so harmful to your health.


Coffee is far better with pure clean water. The studio is fortunate to have abundant good water. Reverse osmosis purifiers are available for those with bad water problems.