The lack of tools in the studio is slowly being revamped. The 30W soldering iron is handy for fixing broken power connectors or for splicing cables etc. Heat shrinkable tubing is convenient for securing a splice to prevent corrosion etc.

The 30W soldering iron was $3.99 which is affordable. Kits are also available but the basic iron is all that is needed. Fixing some devices is needed to avoid the expense of a replacement component.

The low power soldering iron is also handy for fixing mobile phones. Older Apple phones were prone to failure in the W2 charging chip. The W2 is a standard 36-pin surface mounted device. W2 chips are available for those who want to fix phones etc.

Replacing the W2 needs some heat to melt the solder then the damaged chip can be removed. Rosin can be used to remove any oxidation. Then a new W2 can be installed and soldered into place. Testing the phone before reassemble is a wise idea, then once it is known to be working then reassembly can be finished.

Video cards occasionally need some repair but they tend to be less well documented making it harder to analyse and repair faults. The dead RX Fury evidently has fuses which tend to fail which is an options worth considering.