After a clean install of Windows when the MSI X570-A PRO replacement motherboard arrived a problem with the standby emerged. Something was continually waking the machine and even forcing the LCD to remain on as well.

A clean install of Windows does not have problems. The default updates also are problem free. This post will document everything installed while I attempt to identify what program is blocking the power savings.


The Radeon driver on Windows update is stable. It seems to be from December 2017 so it has been a while since AMD has developed a better driver.

Once I find the faulty program I am going to send them my power bill and let them pay it. Blocking the power savings is the worst thing that can be done for a machine.

  • 7-Zip
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Steam
  • Origin

After just these programs the machine already is having problems with monitor standby and entering sleep mode.

AMD Adrenaline 20.3.1 has partially fixed the problem. There is a serious bug in 20.2.2 WHQL. So much for widely tested, did not test it my fanboy box.

With 20.3.1 the machine does now turn off the monitor after the specified time. Standby usually stays put but the machine has been awaken occasionally.