Lately many games in the Steam collection have seen vast updates.

Today Ark: Survival Evolved has seen several GB+ updates and today it dumped a 5 GB update. Encased also updated with a 5 GB update.

The very popular Planetside 2 is a feature creature in the update queue but usually the updates are smaller but there have been some GB+ updates. They have been on twitter a lot lately mentioning some server problems that have been taking an inordinate amount of time to fix.

The popular Ring of Elysium is another regular in the update queue. This free to play game.

Such large updates suggest game maps are being changed. Encased mentioned a new expansion map for the game.

Many of the games in the collection are larger than 25 GB. Some new games are now well over 100GB. The recent Call of Duty: Warzone is 175 GB installed with a 96 GB download.

As the game library grows larger over time, the monthly download average has increased proportionally. Steam is now using close to 50 GB a month so far in 2020. This will likely grow as the game collection increases.

One of the main drivers for such a large number of updates as game developers are reacting to problems and fixing games as problems arise.

The Toshiba MG 12TB disk has been ideal for handling an active game library. It has no write limitations to contend with as the drive uses conventional perpendicular recording and to pack more disks into the assemble, helium is used to reduce friction. Larger capacity disks are more expensive but they are available for gaming enthusiasts.

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