At long last the extra large media rack has been delivered to the studio. The manufacturing tags show that the rack was fresh off the assembly line prior to shipping to me.

Beside several hundred compact discs, the is a growing collection of Blu-Ray disks. Game disks are another accumulating collection.

UHD 4K media is still comparatively expensive and not many films were shot with Red’s digital cameras. Red 4K cameras have been in use for about 5 years now. Red now has an 8K camera which is now becoming more widely used.

PC games on CD/DVD are common but the industry moved to digital distribution instead of adopting the Blu-Ray line the consoles did. Console games are also now being distributed digitally which makes sense when the game is not too large. The objection is that game disks can be shared but digital games cannot.

Steam has a family sharing feature so that an existing collection can be used by the children who can have their own accounts. This does not work as well with 9 kids all wanting to play this or that.

Assembly of the rack took a few hours mainly as a lot of parts like pegs needed to be tamped in with a hammer etc. Once the main structure was complete, it has to be flipped over to attack the backing. Then finally the shelving can be placed as needed with the supplied metal pegs and slotted shelves.