Found a video on Youtube of a fan made recreation of the old Nintendo 64 version of GoldenEye 007. The detail is very close to the original game but with far better graphics, textures and more.

Previously a game made with the Source engine was released. Now a small team of enthusiasts are working on a free Unreal Engine 4 port. They are aiming for an August 2022 release which is the 25th anniversary of the release of the original GoldenEye game.

The original game had 20 levels and the developers are trying recreate them all in time for 2020. There is no desire for additional levels.

All assets “will be created from scratch” and the music won’t copy the original, opting instead to capture its mood without, presumably, risking a cease and desist. 

The video above shows off the completed version of the Silo mission, which will be playable when GoldenEye 25 releases in a couple of years. The footage is perfectly in keeping with the spirit of the original, except with improved textures, improved lighting, improved character models and, well, improved everything.