I am beta testing Halo 2 at the moment. This time around I have the Windows store version while last time it was for Steam.

Ring 3 beta testing is still a preview as my gameplay can identify possible bugs. This is why many studios select me for beta testing as my expertise is well regarded.

In testing the gameplay is very close to the DVD version of the game. The keybindings are slightly different which takes a bit of time to acclimate to.

Also some changes in the weapons such as a the laser sword which now has more strikes to fight the flood with etc. before it is exhausted.

Playing the game at 3840×2160 does seem to make the game feel like the original Halo 2 was not remastered as well as Reach or Halo:CE.I am hoping more work on remastering the Covenent for Halo 2 is done before it is released.