In late 2018, the FCC released a notice of proposed rulemaking to promote new opportunities for unlicensed use in portions of the 1,200 MHz of spectrum in the 5.925-7.125 (6 GHz) band.

The 6 GHz band is currently populated by, among others, microwave services that are used to support utilities, public safety, and wireless backhaul. Unlicensed devices will share this spectrum with incumbent licensed services under rules crafted to protect those licensed services and enable both unlicensed and licensed operations to thrive throughout the band.

The Report and Order authorizes indoor low-power operations over the full 1,200 megahertz and standard-power devices in 850 megahertz in the 6 GHz band. An automated frequency coordination system will prevent standard power access points from operating where they could cause interference to incumbent services.

This means that the 802.11ax standard can now be amended to add several new 160 Mhz channels for high speed network requirements. The working group should have the amendment ready soon as they have been anticipating the FCC move for quite some time,