MSI has provided a beta BIOS version of H83 which I installed primarily for bug fixes. The existing H7 BIOS had some problems with RAM and video cards.

MSI mentioned audio problems for X570 but many with Polaris cards have had problems. MSI also mentioned some resolved issues with Micron memory.

MSI has released beta BIOS updates in the past and generally they are checked closely so that problems are minimized.

The MSI X570 has had issues with not supporting all processors and also with stability. Eventually AGESA expanded the CPU support and a few updates fixed some of the known issues.

When AMD released it was mostly to support the new R3 processors I reported on earlier. AMD wanted to be sure that manufacturers and users all had support so that anyone seeking an updated processor could do so.

The R5 3600 is more mainstream for gaming with 6 cores and 12 threads. The overall performance is relatively good.

The H83 BIOS goes back to the XMP with 2 choices while the H7 just had one automatic choice. My G.Skill Flare X DDR4-3200 was not a problem. I could envision problems with my old G.Skill NT series memory which was a problem that forced me to overvolt it and use custom relaxed timings.


No indication is known whether the AGESA will be afforded for X470 or even the B350 platform. Given the marketing for Ryzen 3000 processors its is likely that will be available at some point.


Also mentioned by AMD was AGESA which I am hoping will afford a new round of bug fixing. The upcoming Ryzen 4000 series are likely to offer some performance gains. Realistically the R5 3600 is already very powerful.