Yesterday I reset Windows as there were problems galore. It seems that even Windows 10 still has issues with stability. Part of the problem is flakey video card drivers and part of the problem is game problems.

Audio problems with the sound cutting in and out seems to be a problem with Windows as it also seen with USB audio as well as integrated audio on the motherboard and video card. Intel mobile drivers are updated frequently.

More work on the machine is pending as storage is still stressed. As the game library grows in the number of titles there is also the growth in game storage requirements. With the new 8GB disks by Seagate installed the pressure on games is reduced for a while now.

Many games surface in the update queue after a fresh install of Windows even though the games were updated before the fresh install. Some games have triggers for integrity checking which can backlog actual downloading.

Often the game updates can take more than a week at present. This can make the management of games more demanding. Steam has some game updates scheduled for May 14 which is more than two weeks from now.