Got a replacement R9 Fury and for some reason the card would not work on the X570. So I pulled the old X470 out mothballs and stuffed the card into that machine and it still would not POST.

I grabbed a known working GT 630 with HDMI so I was able to get the BIOS on the X470 and I then reset the BIOS just in case.

I then removed the GT 630 and stuffed the R9 Fury into the X470 machine and now the card does present the BIOS showing it is functional.

The X470 is awaiting a M.2 SSD from NewEgg but after 8 weeks it still has not surfaced. So I cannot test the card beyond the BIOS which shows the basic logic is sound.

I have several video cards but I am also procuring more cards primarily to modernize the collection. I am also looking to get a replacement PSU for the X470 as the existing one has problems.

For now the R9 Fury can remain in the SPEC-01 chassis which does fit one long card fine. The X470 can support dual cards but the R5 2400G lacks enough lanes for that to be successful. The old GTX 690 is one option, it is a dual GPU card so it could be used but the card is nearing the end with Kepler close to being EOL with NVIDIA.