Microsoft has added a new feature to the reset Windows. Now when you reset Windows you do not need to even find a DVD or USB stick, now Windows will download what it needs from the internet. This makes recovery dramatically faster and it eliminates the need to install updates as the new installer is already patched.

You need some free space for the Windows installer and typically it needs 10GB or so. If the system volume is too small it should be upgraded if possible. 240GB SSD prices are testing new lows and these are great for Windows. Hard disks can supplement the system volume.

Depending on how fast your internet download speed this can be done overnight and in the morning the operating system will be fresh so that drivers can be installed along with Steam and other applications. With faster fiber based internet and a SSD this can take only 30 minutes.

Driver problems, game problems and windows problems are are to blame for stability problems. Games on the other hand are often written by less than ideal developers. Lots of games are developed by one or two people. Larger teams are uncommon.

By comparison the Linux setup is stable and can run for weeks on end. The web server is stable and the database is also stable. Linux itself is also stable.

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