343 has indicated that the Halo 2 patch is ready for distribution. 343 said it will be released at 2000h PDT (8:00 PM).

Xbox One 1.96 GB
Microsoft Store 7.74 GB
Steam 175.9 MB

Steam has more experience with game updates and they have fine tuned their services to minimize the bandwidth required. Many with Steam have vast libraries of games.

The Microsoft Store is the worst for wasting bandwidth. The hotfix is the whole game. The Xbox has more experience with game updates and the Microsoft Store should look over the console division for some ideas on how to make their CDN systems more efficient.


343 also mentioned that Halo 3 is now hoped to be available mid June based on the experience with the debug flight tests. The first flight is expected on Tuesday next week after Memorial Day.

halo 3 screenshot 2
halo 3 screenshot 4

343 has repeatedly asked for specific steps taken to reproduce a bug. This is important when beta testing. Steam allows screenshots which are important in showing the location in a map that the problem occurred.