Sabrent has surfaced with a new Rocket Q 8TB SSD (SB-RKTQ-8TB), The new capacity of 8TB sets a new standard for higher capacity M.2 2280 class storage. The MSRP is $649.00.

  • Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB
  • M.2 2280
  • PCI Express 3.1
  • Micron 3D QLC 96-layer NAND
  • Psion E12S controller
  • Advanced Wear Leveling
  • Bad Block Management
  • Over-Provision

The Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB has abundant capacity for any gaming enthusiast could want for the foreseeable future. While the trend for games to be larger is well documented, the extreme 8TB capacity provides room enough for all of the games in our Steam library.

Sabrent provides Acronis for users to clone their existing SSD to the new higher capacity unit. Hard disk users have also used Acronis for years.

The 4TB model has read/write speeds of 3,200 MB/s and 2,900 MB/s, and the 8TB version should have very similar performance. QLC performance has improved with better controllers to handle the 96-layer NAND effectively. QLC endurance has also improved with improved wear leveling algorithms.

The Psion 12S uses 256MB of DRAM for every 1TB of storage. By comparison the older Psion 12 uses 512MB DRAM per TB. Reducing the RAM required will reduce manufacturing costs without sacrificing performance.

Sabrent did not mention when the SB-RKTQ-8TB would be available but it should be in the channel and into mail order retailers soon.