After installing Windows 10 version 2004 on the new Intel 665p SSD it did not take long at all before game faults became apparent.

Generally the problem with the Windows Device Driver Model, Windows Presentation Manager causes issues the desktop forcing a hard reset. The start menu becomes dysfunctional. It is not the video card driver, tested both GeForce and Radeon cards.

The bluetooth bug continues to be a problem for using wireless headphones. Microsoft is aware of the bug but they have not been able to track it down.

Windows 10 version 2004 introduced support for DirectX Ultimate, and MIcrosoft has changed the DX pipeline again. Now it speaks of an amplification shader and a mesh shader.

Mesh shaders and amplification shaders are the next generation of GPU geometry processing capability, replacing the current input assembler, vertex shader, hull shader, tessellator, domain shader, and geometry shader stages. Lots of older articles on algebra and trigonometric lead into the derivative and integration. Then there is linear algebra that is very important to gaming.

The main goal of the mesh shader is to increase the flexibility and performance of the geometry pipeline. The flexibility and high performance of the mesh shader programming model will allow game developers to increase geometric detail, rendering more complex scenes without sacrificing framerate. The 64-bit environment delivers as much RAM as wanted to load huge game worlds. Destiny and similar 64-bit games have rich graphics that will improve as the vestiges of older techniques can be changed.