My mail was not installed for a few days as I had reset windows. It takes time to install drivers and system components. Applictions can be installed once the operating system is ready.

I am using Outlook 2019 but the proofing tools are the 2016 version but I have had few problems. I have a full latin spell checker for Office 2013 but it does not work with the more recent versions.

I reported some time ago about being TLD for a staggering amount of spam messages. Lot of solicitations for women and not much else.

Now that the mail boxes are downloaded, i noted that the spam mail box was empty. I have deleted lots of spam messages but new ones surface almost instantly.

It has been several days now and still no spam messages. Normal messages are working fine so business transactions are fine.


I have complained to Google and I am sure others have as well. It seems as though Google has done it and put a stop to the spam. The only remaining concern, why did it takes so long?


Phishing messages for Paypal still seem to be occasional. The spamer’s message is that your account is limited. This type of phishing is common.

COVID-19 phishing messages are another common ruse. The spam campaigns are aggressive and thet work the percentages.