Sony has shed more light on its next-gen transition plans, revealing that, counter to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X strategy, it won’t be making its PS5 games compatible with PlayStation 4. The old PS3 sold well mostly due to the BD drive which could play movies.


The new PS5 has a BD drive so it is backwards compatible with PS4 games. Sony simply is making people get the new console to play new PS5 games.

The PlayStation CEO says The Last of Us Part 2 will work on PS5 but not on the PS4. Backwards and forwards compatibility is not that hard to do. Hardware varies a lot so games can adopt the same ideas the PC uses.

Sony seems to be more focused on the PS5 which means they are expecting existing customers to adopt the new console. Microsoft on the other hand makes the new Series X an optional purchase.

With a recent 4K television the PS4 and Xbox One can handle games but the new generation have beefed up graphics to allow for better quality games.

The Xbox Series X has internals that are capable of spitting out performance worth 12 TFLOPs. Sony will have its work cut out to compete with the Xbox head to head.

Games designed for 1920×1080 can usually scale up fine. Very few games cannot scale up to very high resolutions. Halo: Combat Evolved CD version was patched to support 3840×2160 and beyond with the caveat that above 4K you were on your own.

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