The Intel driver and support assistant downloaded a new version of the Intel SSD Toolkit. Using the tool to manage the cache of the SSD lead to a BSOD at around 20% of the way done.

After a reboot and attempting to finish the task the machine again crashed with a BSOD.

The crash was SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION which is a kernel mode panic.

When I receive my new SSD I will wipe the 660p SSD and check it closely to be sure it is not damaged or faulty. Intel has a 5 year warranty on their SSD products so in the unlikely event that there is a hardware fault I can get it replaced.

The SSD still has about 95% of the intended bytes written left so it is far from worn out so there is possibly a fault in the software that Intel missed in testing.

Curiously the old version of the SSD Toolkit was not a problem. It was the new vesion released today the caused the fault.