Google has been sued in the state of California. The claim is for upwards of $5 billion for abuses over the “in private browsing”.

People everywhere are becoming more aware (and concerned) that their personal communications are being intercepted, collected, recorded, or exploited for gain by technology companies they have come to depend on.

In Chrome, even with in private enabled, Google still tracked users relentlessly. The tracking cookies are present showing the violation.

In Canada we have a Charter Right to privacy. The Supreme Court of Canada has interpreted the securiy of person as being a right to privacy. The court then held that the right was broadly based. This means a privacy violation against a Canadian can have serious ramifications for the Charter violation.

In America unfortunately the Bill of Rights has been eroded. Grass roots actions however have been successful in some matters but litigation can drag on for years.

The proceeding has been filed so you can read it for yourself.