System Shock 3 has been worked on by Otherside Entertainment. Otherside is a small group of 3 (at present) who have been working on the game for quite some time.

Otherside was hit hard when Starbreeze was forced to sell the publishing rights back to them in 2019. Otherside has been seeking new funding following the problems over at StarBreeze.

Now news has come in that the giant TenCent has come in to help get the game published. The rights to System Shock name are still retained by Night Dive. TenCent is working with Otherside to get the game back on track.

The investment from TenCent will now assure that System Shock 3 will be finished and ready for publishing.

tencent logo
TenCent HQ Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

TenCent is a huge media conglomerate in ShenZhen, China. They were established in 1998 and they quickly rose to become a huge player in gaming.

Tencent controls literally hundreds of subsidiaries and associates in numerous industries and areas, creating a broad portfolio of ownerships and investment across a diverse range of businesses including search engine, e-commerce, retail, video gaming, real estate, software, virtual reality, ride-sharing, banking, financial services, fintech, consumer technology, computer technology, automobile, film production, movie ticketing, music production, space technology, natural resources, smartphones, big data, agriculture, medical services, cloud computing, social media, IT, advertising, streaming media, artificial intelligence, robotics, UAVs, food delivery, courier services, e-book, internet services, education and renewable energy. It is one of the most active investment corporations in the world, with stakes in over 600 companies, and recent focus on start-ups within Asia’s tech scene.

TenCent has accumulated a vast number of games that are published only in China for the local market. Some of the more popular games are based on the social media company QQ which TenCent developed a few years ago. Over time they have done very well in the mobile market.

TenCent has invested into several large game companies. This includes Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, Riot Games and Ubisoft. TenCent has been expanding into gaming slowly over time.

Tencent partly owns battle royale games such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Battlestate Games, and fully own Ring of Elysium.

The South African media company Naspers purchased a 46.5% share of Tencent in 2001. (As of 2018, it owns 31.2%.)