I have played free Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop (ASRD) for over 250 hours. The original Alien Swarm was made by Valve as a free to play title. It became wildly popular in 2010. Since then, a community of developers have expanded the core campaign dramatically with dozens of new ones, several even larger than the original Jacob’s Rest.

The first new directions were for beyond brutal gameplay. Servers with even more hard to kill aliens expanded over time. Now 10 years on, the richness of the game is astounding.

It took around 250 hours to play through the 7 medallions and the 34 levels each one requires. The original Alien Swarm has only 6 medallions and 27 levels each. ASRD is intentionally more challenging and its designed for the player who has many hours to investing in gameplay.

I am close to the achievement for Nuke from Orbit which is awarded for 100,000 kills. After 250 hours I have exceeded 80,000 so this achievement is not far off at all. The speed run achievement are very hard to do.

ASRD has attracted a large following of community who have contributed several additional campaigns. Over time more campaigns have been added and more maps for existing campaigns have also been added.

There is one server with 3x the bugs to shoot and it is excellent for achieving the nuke from orbit achievement. It is called Ch1ckenCoop.

Some of the campaigns are very long and they can provide many hours of gaming. Groups I play with can often be playing for several hours a day.