Usually scam calls are using fake local numbers. Now a call from the UK in the middle of the night does not go over well. Legitimate businesses are aware of time zones, the robocall machines seem to be working overtime.

The scammers of late have been claiming there is a warrant for me from the tax office. The tax office website warns people that they do not call anyone and that all such calls are fake.

Phone numbers are fake, they seem to be using VIOP telecommunications hardware. Checking phone numbers, they seem to be randomly selected from selected calling areas.

Last night’s caller called twice in succession. No message was left suggesting it was yet another ruse. The phone number was +44 800 085 5466 which is a toll free number that is used in the UK. The number does not seem to be assigned to any legitimate business. The again the number is clearly fake using a VIOP system with improperly and illegally provisioned phone numbers.

A UK website suggests some ruse over fake teaching positions. Another mention a ruse of being from HSBC. Callers wanted personal details and hung up when refused. The voice message captured some breathing suggesting it was a human caller. This simply leads to more questions about who called at such an hour. Callers with an accent seem to be working from sweatshops in India. More recently sweatshops in Jamaica have popped up. VOIP calling is not as regulated as the traditional telephone network.

Law enforcement had resulted in a few arrests but still the calls continue unabated. The fax line is called frequently but it is not answered by a human.