Looking over the NewEgg wishlist for power supplies. I was dismayed to see all of the AXi and HXi power supplies are out of stock. The same story for chassis, with 40% of Corsair models not available.

Corsair power supplies are efficient and durable so that is why I like them. Considering a new build means I have to find a new PSU and I like 80 plus platinum as this saves money.

The recent resurgence in digital coins is probably the reason for all of the efficient power supplies all disappearing rapidly.

Older video cards are about all that are available in vast numbers but the RX 480 8GB is a good card for gaming. Vega 56 and Vega 64 cards are now falling fast as the RDNA2 cards are replacing older cards.

Video cards are now back in stock but prices are still very high.Usually after 6 months a given card is lower by 10-20% but lately that trend been bucked extensively. Some cards have gone up in price.

The SPEC-01 side panel has become damaged for some reason. It seems to be melted which suggest it cannot tolerate much heat. For that reason I was considering a replacement chassis. An Obsidian has been added to the wishlist that comes with more fans and is a generally better quality model.